Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The photo is from my sister who is enjoying the happiest place on earth this week.  Explaining Disneyland to an adult who's not from here and has never been there, I relied on one word to explain why grown-ups go, even though they don't have children:  nostalgia.

Where else can you go from your past, from your cotton candy-sticky fingered days, tired and over-sunned, never-wanting-the-ride-to-end youth that is still (mostly) the same?  Where you can be, for a few hours, free from thinking about rent, what's wrong with your cat, and the debt ceiling, and concentrate on sighting giant vest-wearing dogs and fancy princesses, steering cars that never let you go off track and keeping your mouse ears from flying away on the tea cups.  Oh sure, they're a big corporation (I'll keep my more specific comments to myself; this is the internet after all), but they give us that, an elaborate game of pretend, and we all believe, we're all in on it.