Monday, June 3, 2013


buttons by jeesau
buttons, a photo by jeesau on Flickr.
Oh dear…did I really start the last blog entry with a "what is…?" A hacky device right up there with "Webster's defines friendship as…" OK. Moving on.

It was a productive Sunday for me. A bolt of organizing energy struck sometime in the early morning hours. Much unused crap was dispatched to the nearby Dumpster.

A few tips I thought I'd pass on:

1) Throwing away all those magazines, periodicals and catalogs you've read, and especially those that you haven't read (and let's face, you mostly haven't read them) makes you feel like losing at least 7 lbs. of weight from your psyche. Your burdened, dusty psyche. They're gone and I don't miss them at all. Except that recipe in People that I meant to tear out for low-cal sweet potato pancakes.

2) No, you probably will never need that much bubble bath. Toss it.

3) You'll never use all those ketchup, hot mustard and soy sauce packets. Throw. Them. Out.

4) Having a tidy desk makes you afraid of cluttering it again, sending you to the dining table to work. Note to self: tidy up dining table.

5) Domestic cats hate a running vacuuming cleaner. A foster cat you're trying to make feel comfortable living indoors turns into a possessed, psychopathic Tasmanian Devil impersonator around a running vacuum cleaner. Use your head. I'm lookin' at you, me.

6) Your mother was right: eating too many cherries gives you a tummy ache.