Thursday, January 30, 2014

hey, old timer

One of the benefits of being born…er, a while back, is that I never had social media when I was a teenager.  I can only imagine how my obsessive little mind would have taken to the medium.  All the imagined slights against me ("Nobody 'liked' my selfie?!"), postings about parties I wasn't invited to, and most terrifyingly, boys.  What if one of 'em sent me a "poke"?  "Do I poke back?  Does he poke all the girls?"  This could evolve into a double entendre fest, so I'll stop there. 

Alternatively, I might have been too afraid of creating an online presence.  "Purposely posting pictures of myself?  For people to look at?"  But then, I would have been shunned for not having an online presence, certainly, and the pressure would have gotten to me.  Of course, I'm not looking at this like a modern-day teenager.  My imagined future teenage self probably would have created an online persona, complete with a fake name and an avatar who typed out everything in abbreviations like "c u n gym l8r."  [shudder] 

And online gaming?  Oh, forget it.  Sure, I was pretty kick-ass back in the day with Asteroids and Ms. Pacman, but World of Warcraft?  I never would have made it.