Wednesday, December 21, 2016

It's a wrap

What would any decent blog be without a year-end wrap up? A tedious list of the things that happened to me this year, the good and the bad? Well, this is not a decent blog, so we can dispense with that nonsense. How about a list of hopes and dreams for 2017. Nah. Keep walkin'. This ain't that either.

I refuse to leave you feeling as though you must slog through another snarky post from me, or a whinefest about who-knows-what. I am not in a mood to whine or gripe (no, I'm not currently intoxicated, smart alecks). I'm in the mood to think about right now -- sitting up straight, already hungry for lunch, relatively clean air in my lungs. Some days, that has to be enough. Don't you think?

Happy holidays, everyone (OK, you two).