Friday, April 26, 2013


People around me are falling apart. I worry. Body parts not doing what they're supposed to. Snapping in two. Getting in the way. Leading them to make an immediate acquaintance with the ground. What gives,Gravity? What gives, Science, or whatever. Now, just hold on. Don't go looking at me. I'm minding my own business. Just asking for a friend, you dig? I'm keeping it real over here in Boringville USA and I don't need any adjustments.

Really though. As a matter of fact. Now that you mention it. Is that what we're all headed for? Broken parts and bits and pieces of ourselves betraying us as we age? Not a damn thing we can really do about it. Not really. But in a way, that's a comfort. No use fretting. It will happen. Just be ready. Or not. Here's an idea. Don't be prepared and complain like hell when it happens to you. It's your right. It's your choice. Ta da!