Friday, June 8, 2012


I'm starting to feel as though I have written some of these posts before.  They are sounding familiar, at least to me, in my head, as I type them.  Well, I couldn't feel them in my elbows, but wait...maybe I can?  Anyway, I'm pretty sure today's is new.

Today's photo is from the bottom of a telephone pole in my neighborhood.  There are others, all at ground level, sometimes accompanied by a smaller block of painted wood with a mushroom or other troll-esque accoutrements. (Like what?  Well, I dunno.  Shovels, picks, whatever trolls use in their folklore doings on a daily basis.)

The artist is unknown and there's never a sign or initial or anything to indicate who is adding these little squares of wonder to our otherwise urban landscape.  I like them.  A neighbor described them as "slightly evil" but I tend to disagree.  I mean, someone is going to the trouble to sort of, well, vandalize the neighborhood in a unique and artsty way.  I can appreciate that kind of civil disobedience. 

Thank you, mysterious stranger.