Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top 5s

Making lists are fun. Tossing your completed to-do list into the trash with a self-satisfied sniff, even better. Actually doing the tasks on a to-do list, meh.

But there are other reasons to make lists.  For the fun of making them! Like so:

Physical sensations I can't stand

1.  Water running down my wrists and forearms when I'm doing the dishes or cutting up fruit.
2.  The millisecond interval of time between touching hot water and the pain.
3. A piece of apple stuck in between two molars.
4. Getting licked more than once by a dog or cat.  One lick: awww, Two licks: get off me!
5. Post-shower inner ear dampness.

Physical sensations I like

1.  Milk foam bubbles popping on my lips when I drink a latté.
2.  Feeling a cat's purr while its sitting on my lap.
3.  When my back cracks during a firm hug.
4.  Being covered up with a blanket by another person.
5.  Hunger pangs just as I'm served a plate of food.

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