Friday, April 30, 2010

poetic justice

Don't even get me started on smokers. You know the rant can be lengthy and full of vulgarities. This morning, my bagel breakfast sandwich and hot coffee in hand, I passed a woman whose cheeks were collapsed with the effort of inhaling, eyes squinting to avoid the toxic cloud. Yeah, smoking is hazardous to one's health, but at least you look cool.

Still besotted by last night's poetry and humor (Billy Collins and Kay Ryan). They make it look so easy, and yet... Much like seeing "Rocky" and wanting to go home and exercise, I wanted to go home and write poetry! Thanks D & R, for taking me.


  1. Sometimes when I walk by someone who is puffing away, I think about you and the rant you wrote in class a couple of years ago about your disdain for smokers. This poor woman sounds like she looked anything but cool.