Wednesday, July 7, 2010

just a moment

We are moving into cubicles this weekend. This will be the last week in my giant anchor-heavy black desk, with the peeling veneer and squeaky drawers. I don't know what the modular desk looks like yet, but I've been in them before. That's right in. That's the appropriate preposition. Cubicle walls and modular desks make you feel as though you are in something.

I'll be glad to clean out my desk, but what do I do with these: 2 rubber balls that look like planet earth, a skeleton earring, 50 francs, and a postcard from Seattle?


  1. If you are at least on the third floor, then you are bound by the spirit of scientific inquiry to test the equivalence principle by dropping all that shit out of the window to note if and when they all hit the ground (or passersby) at the same time. If you have time, you can use your findings to make deductions about the gravitational constant, the geometrical nature of gravity, the possibility of a fifth force, and the validity of general relativity. Or you can go to lunch.

  2. Ha! Well, our windows don't open (crappy Class A building). I could just throw that junk in the street though. See what happens when it gets run over.