Thursday, March 3, 2011

#6 and what's on deck

Rejection #6 received this morning.  Aw, well. 

I've noticed that my on-deck book pile is getting a little out of hand.  There are 2 library books in there, most were gifts, one or two I bought myself.  When my first few writing teachers told me writers should do a lot of reading, I obviously took it to heart.

I just started Steve Almond's "Not that You Asked" this morning, a recommendation from my bro-in-law.  Oh man.  Is that guy hilarious.  I mean it.  I could barely contain my laughter in carpool this morning reading his letters to Oprah. 

The rest of the deck is a mix of novels, short stories, nonfiction fun and one on finding one's voice as a writer.  That's something that's always mystified me, the concept of the writing "voice."  I know what it means, or I think I do.  Guess I'll learn more when I start that book. 

But what I really want to know is, will more reading spell less TV watching?  Where in my schedule should I make cuts? 

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