Tuesday, May 31, 2011

what this represents

totems, Stanley Park by jeesau
You'd think time away from home would have given me some good writing time. But no. Well, the time was available, but I spent it not writing.  What I did do:  discovered that Granville Ave does not lead to Gastown, learned that there are homeless people in Canada too (but like Canada, they were nicer and cleaner, somehow), ate all the food on a three-tiered tea tray, took a bus tour only to remember too late why I don't like them, saw two bald eagles in a tree, saw two Orca in the Sound, waved to people on the passing ferry (which made me feel lonely for some reason), and met a dog named Mr. T (I resisted "pity the fool" jokes). It wasn't a good outing for writing, but perhaps later it will be.


photo:  Totems, Stanley Park, Vancouver

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