Friday, September 9, 2011

Hawaiian surprise

Maybe it's the sleep deprivation, or too much caffeine, but I heard lovely Hawaiian music as I exited Starbucks.  Lilting falsetto lullaby and strings and soft drum beat.  A lady hula danced in her ordinary work clothes, her ID badge clipped to her belt.  I don't know hula or what the song was about, but her motions seemed to say "look around," "relax," "breathe" and "how about a hug?"  Beautiful.

The acoustics between the two buildings in the plaza made for a natural surround-sound.  F Market trolleys and the cackling teenagers nearby couldn't take away from the soothing, melting, want-to-sleep feeling I had (ok, I did do a few half- and full-turns to the cacklers which of course did nothing -- "The fellas are trying to entertain us.  Piss off!")  I only thought that, don't worry.  Damn my hypervigilance.

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