Thursday, September 19, 2013

let us be grumpy for a moment

Can we talk about pajamas in public? Sweat pants weren't casual enough? I thought we had all agreed that sweats, depending upon what you consider sweats, were the last frontier in public wear.  Not to sound Victorian, but how about a little effort, pajama bottom people?  Show you care.  We don't want to see your droopy asses in flannels dotted with teddy bears in nightshirts while you're in line at CVS.  Could it be that you're depressed?  Have I been insensitive here, about to launch into a rant not fit for an open-mike night? If you are only out of bed long enough to get your prescriptions, and you just couldn't muster the energy to slip on pants, mea culpa.  I have been down myself.  Really down. Not pajama-bottom-in-public down, but down, blue.

However, however, if it's your intention to show the world "this is how much I care about what you think," then bravo.  You win Life.  No one is as jaded, carefree, and unaffected as you.  Twelve thousand volts of electricity couldn't make you give a damn.  We got it!  No need to kick off your ratty flip-flops or sloppy sleeping shirt to get the message across.  I'm uptight and You Are Cool.

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  1. Great to see this online. Reminds of the great scene in the lovely film'Once,' where Marketa goes down to the corner store in her jammies and slippers to get batteries for her Walkman.