Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Who doesn't like a list, when you think about it?

A bit of silliness from last night's writing group:

Here is a list of things that, from now on, I will try very hard not to complain about:

1. Skinny-jeaned, handle bar-mustachioed, ironic T-shirt wearing hipsters
2. The elaborate, music-filled, BBQ smoke emitting picnics that appear along the lakeside every weekend.
3. My boss' obsessive-compulsive need to scour the websites I manage and then email me 5 or more times in a hour about things he does not like.
4. The next door neighbor's new love of playing loud country music and/or video games.
5. Bev, erstwhile hippie turned dumpster diver who lives in our neighborhood and tries to convince everyone she meets to write letters to the city about potholes.
6. The monstrously rude biker who plows down the back street setting off car alarms and terrorizing apartment dogs.
7. The bootcampers doing tricep dips off the curb of a major street or do crunches on the sidewalk.

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