Sunday, August 10, 2014

Let's rejoice

I could hear festive music as I approached the park entrance that I use to feed two stray cats every Sunday, through the maintenance yard and past the Japanese garden.  It was the familiar "Jewish wedding reception/bar mitzvah" music, "Hava Nagila." The crowd had the bride up in a chair and she was eye-shut smiling, gripping the edge of the chair that was covered by her white dress.  The crowd pressed in close to her and clapped and little kids bounced at the knees, imitating dance.  When the groom was thrust up on his chair and the bride opened her eyes and grasped his hand, I don't know what happened but my eyes watered suddenly.  We were taken, that is myself and a few other people, watching this celebration through an opening in the fence, by the pure loveliness of celebration and ritual. Two people, young and beautiful, up in the air, bouncing, smiling, alive.

I didn't bother calling the cats to their early dinner, knowing that they would be hiding from the party noise.  I left them their food and walked towards home, the same song still playing.

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