Monday, January 16, 2012

Walk On By

Open Letter to Pigeons of San Francisco:

Just when I thought I could get used to the sight of your mangled toes and peg legs, I've started noticing more and more of you limping.  A bobbing, greyish bird surveying the sidewalks for questionably culinary treasures is a typical urban visage, but a bird with an off-kilter gait?  I cannot bear it.  A limping animal taxes my empathy beyond its limits.  Because scooping you up and taking you to physical therapy is not an option, I shall cast my gaze elsewhere. 

I wish you good fortune in your travels, little bird.


A Friend


  1. I am TOTALLY with you on this. Pigeons are inherently sad, with their beady eyes and "I got no arms!" head-bobbing. Toss in a mangled leg and if these things could ask for money I'd burn through my paycheck before I got home.

  2. Oh, but you must have empathy for the birds whose toes get cut off due to sitting on cable lines. Poor squab, I mean, pigeon.