Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I have no excuse for my lack of posts. I'd say "I've been busy" (like everyone else is not?) but that's only partly true. I could have used the hours I binge-watched Netflix over the holidays to write here. I could have made a point of doing it, but I didn't. Moving on.

One thing I never wanted to do with this blog was to bore the hell out of people with prolonged navel-gazing. I have, a few times, written about "current events." Ooh! Like my riveting piece about pigeons. That was a white-knuckle ride. Or a teaching moment of this post, about a word I discovered. Like I got that one into the lexicon. Turns out it is easier to say "I was so embarrassed for her!" You're having that feeling right now, aren't you?

Maybe the most use I've found for this blog is just for me. A place to set my essays or short stories free from the terrible burden of revision. This way, they don't molder in the recesses of my hard drive with years-ago dates and either surprise me (I wrote that?) or leave me shaking my head (What a load of old shit. As Nan says.) There's a chance someone will read the piece, right? A possibility that someone might grin or nod their heads? I can live with that.

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