Tuesday, May 11, 2010

twister v. temblor

So as not to violate any copyright laws or be a bandwidth bandit, I'm not uploading a photo today that's relevant to the post. (I have no personal tornado photographs, thankfully.)

Anyway, I was reading about the Oklahoma tornado that has tragically killed 11 people. I saw a few photos, including one with a filthy cat looking stunned but alive, sitting on a pile of rubble. The images reminded me of this fact: tornadoes are scary and mean. Somehow, they are scarier than earthquakes to me. (I say this with the knowledge that I live very near a fault and work in a city with a big earthquake reputation.) But still, tornadoes seem scarier! Maybe it's their cruel, capricious choices in what to destroy, their serpent-like movements, or diabolical speed? Or, maybe it's the fear instilled in me from annual viewings of "The Wizard of Oz" as a little kid. Thanks a lot MGM! Ya bastids...

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